OPERR Work Platform
Business & HR Management Tools

It's a new type of business productivity software, that allows company owners to track and manage overtime costs, employee-client relationships, team projects and workloads, expenses, payroll and much more

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Improve Efficiency, Productivity & Reduce Costs

OPERR Work™ Portal

The portal contains the bulk of the business operations and management tools. All productivity tools and features are controlled through this cloud-based dashboard.

Front Desk Tablet App

This platform component app speeds up the customer, employee or visitor check-in process. This module also helps with important aspects such as HR document proccessing and more.

Management Tools

The OPERR Work platform was designed to give business owners or managers an unparrallel view of the employee activity & productivity within their daily operations.

What is Operr Work?

OPERR Work® is a new kind of Business Management & HR tool that tracks, forecasts and alerts employers about potential cost over-runs related to overtime or productivity. Our platform allows business owners or employers to stay on top of their daily business operations, human resources, productivity, related expenses and much more. Using state-of-the-art technologies and the latest automation techniques, we designed OPERR Work™ to be an easy-to-use platform. Your employees can learn this system easily and be able to operate quickly with minimal training. The cloud-based platform does not require on-site server hardware and can be accessed from anywhere in the world on most smart devices or desktop computers.

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OPERR Work Platform Features

OPERR Work™ platform features can help improve your overall quality of service, boost staff productivity and decrease business operating costs.

Punch Clock

The system provides a punch-clock module with which your staff can sign in and out of work daily. It records and tracks employee punches and proccesses the data to detect patterns or deviations from scheduled work hours. Alerts can be set on individual staff profiles for closer performance tracking.

Overtime Management

Slash your overtime costs by having the full picture of your employee time management practices and behavior. Alerts for employees going over their alloted weekly hours or other schedule deviations. The overtime forecast feature will alert you of potential overtime expenses before they happen.

Expense Tracking

Record and track employee expendatures and re-payments with this powerful Operr Work module. Keep a solid timeline of all employee purchases and set up alerts to notify you or approprate management when expenses go outside allowable limits. You can see breakdowns for entire departments too!

Communications Module

The Operr Work platform allows all company staff and management user profiles to communicate with each other through secure company messenging modules. This isn't like old boring email but more of a messaging application that allows for groups, streaming, file sharing and archiving.

Client Relations (CRM)

Don't waste time trying to figure out what an employee was doing and which clients or prostect they were in communication with prior to their departure from the company. Know exactly where they left off when these situations happen. The CRM keeps tracks of all their proffessional relationships.

Performance Tracking

Know who your most dedicated and responsible employees are with Operr Work's lateness and absence tracking tools. Aside from basic tracking, the system can also help detect trends in the data, allowing you to see patterns or repetitive behavior and address it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Payroll Features

Operr Work platform helps reduce the workload on managing departments like accounting. Employees can see and change their personal payroll information, browse pay stubs and communicate with accounting all from one simple platform that is available on their smartphones or workstations.

Safe & Secure

Have peace of mind knowing that your information is safe and secure within Operr Work. We use the most advanced and modern methods of encryption such SHA-256 algorhitm to keep your company information secret. We work day and night to ensure safety and security for your data.

The Operr Work Mobile App

The mobile app works with the platform to help employees control their electronic employee profiles. For management, it's' on-the-go tool to monitor and track company projects, employees, activities and overall progress.

  • Works For All Staff Types
  • Punch In/Out of Shifts
  • HR Features & Tools
  • Sick Days & Vacations
  • Employee Messaging
  • Tracks Transportation
  • Manages Sales Contacts
  • View Payroll & History
  • Monitor All From The App
  • Real-Time Stats & Metrics
  • Directly Message Staff
  • Great for Administrators

OPERR Work® Platform Benefits


Employee Productivity

Operr Work employee features speed up daily workflow & free up management & HR.

Operr Work provides a full suite of features that allow employees to interface directly with the platform, using data proccessing features such as the punch clock module, expense tracking, performance reports or any of the other features from the multitude of modules. This makes the work of other departments much easier since the data is intergrated between all departments as information moves around the company in digital form. Employees can take vacation time, browse payroll history, ask for edits or update their company profile without having to rely on other departments for help.


Tools to make Management and Human Resources work easier, faster and more effective.

The employee interfacing components provide a near real-time information aggregate, that our system presents in neat, digestible bits of information about crucial aspect of your business. Operr Work can alert you to any number of customizable conditions, set by you. These can include things like overtime expense awareness or forecast, sales force performance alerts, staff latenesses and many more.



Total Situational Awareness

OPERR Work®allows you to track & monitor your operations.

The Operr Work system is perfect for employers who want to actively track and manage daily business activities and reduce their staffing costs by eliminating needless overtime expenses and increasing overall employee productivity. Operr Work can also forecast expenses before actual costs are incurred, allowing business to take mitigating steps to avoid the forecasted expendenture.


Schedule a Product Demo!

If you are here in order to learn more about the OPERR Work™ platform and how it can help your business increase it's efficiency, reduce costly mistakes and increase your revenue, then you should consider scheduling a product demo with one of our software specialists. See firsthand how the platform works and take a more in-depth look at it's features. Start by clicking the 'Talk to Us Now' button in the lower right corner of your screen.

Front Desk Punch Clock Module

It's way more than a punch clock. Think of it more as an employee interface


Allows for multiple methods to punch in. The system achieves this with either Blutooth, Classic PIN and even biometric facial recognition if there is a camera attached.


Employees can easily and quickly notice discrepancies in their hours and request edits all from one easy place. This is all done quickly while doing their daily clock-in or out proccess.


Digital signatures for company HR documents can be collected from staff while they clock in or out, making HR tasks faster. You can even get signature confirmation for punches too.


Notify your employees or staff of important events or personalized messages that they can see when the clock in or out of work for the day. Notify one or all, it's fully customizable.

Where can I download the app?

The OPERR Work mobile app for the will be available to download from and used on both Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems. Currently it is in beta trials and is only available on Apple's Test Flight. Stay tuned for updates on the final release date.

*To download for iPhone you must have account with Apple's app store.

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